March 20th, 2001

what would debbie do?

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New improved default picture. Now I'm a Nagel Woman.
I wish I had met him before he died... Patrick Nagel, that is. I've met his brother, Kevin, a couple of times. My dad grew up with the both of them in Anaheim, CA. Unfortunately, my dad lost touch with Kevin and they didn't see each other for 35 years... when they were finally reunited, Patrick had been dead for 15 years.
Of course, even if I had met him, I would have been too little to understand how cool he was. Oh well. At least I know Kevin and his wife, who are 2 of the coolest people ever. He and my dad get together and they are instantly 40 years younger, 2 surfer kids in 1950's So. Cal... must have been amazing.
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what would debbie do?

This explains SO MUCH!

I know know that "Blondie - Heart of Glass" was the number one song in the US on the day I was born. That is the best news I've had all day! (Well, besides that it's finally spring)
I feel so much more connected to Debbie now... hehehe!
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