March 2nd, 2001

what would debbie do?

Mes amies

Added wench to my friends list because I'm digging these roommate stories.
Ah, to live in a dorm again. *sigh*
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what would debbie do?

Oh yeah

I drew this about a week ago, and I almost forgot to flaunt it here!
None shall be spared!

I'm disproportionately proud of this becuase I drew it with a Hello Kitty marker. Feel the power of the Hello Kitty merchandise... buy buy buy!
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what would debbie do?

Need Suggestions

I need to watch kickass chick films. Not chick films, kickass chick films.
Not stupid kicking ass (ex: Charlie's Angels), I mean, at least sort of believable kicking ass (ex: the Matrix).
The kind of films that make you feel like booting head for a good 2 hours after you see them. Heck, it doesn't even have to be chicks. Jackie Chan is good, too. But unfortunately, I've seen all the Jackie Chan films that the video store carries.
Please, help me my friends... I'm in need.
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what would debbie do?

I just love March

diskozombie88: we've had HAIL, TWICE today
puppysmuggler: !!!
puppysmuggler: you're so lucky!!
diskozombie88: the kind that STINGS!
puppysmuggler: COOL!
diskozombie88: and then like, 5 minutes later it's totally sunny
diskozombie88: and then 20 minutes later it starts hailing again
diskozombie88: we'll probabyl have locusts before i get off work
puppysmuggler: or frogs
puppysmuggler: or seas of blood
diskozombie88: yeah!
puppysmuggler: good thing you're not the firstborn
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what would debbie do?

Good Old JanBob

Janbob23: get STEREO TOTAL REMIX from my Hotlist
puppysmuggler: um
puppysmuggler: why?
Janbob23: hot hot hot
puppysmuggler: do you speak english?
Janbob23: yes
puppysmuggler: so, why should I get this remix?
Janbob23: get it or not
Janbob23: but its hot
Janbob23: its the JANBOB-Remix
puppysmuggler: hot. any other adjectives?
Janbob23: cool
Janbob23: dann nicht
puppysmuggler: I'm not German.
Janbob23: yes but i thought you like Stereo Total
puppysmuggler: yes, I do, but that doesn't mean I'm German.
puppysmuggler: I'm assuming you are, Jan.
Janbob23: ja is ja gut
puppysmuggler: okay, I'll get your remix.
puppysmuggler: um, Janbob, you have no files shared. I can't get your remix.
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what would debbie do?

OBEY, dammit!

Everyone welcome thereject. He is a geek, a very cute geek. So cute you have to take insulin shots just to think about him.
Anyhow, add him to your friends list. If you don't, I'm going to .. get really ... perturbed! Yeah!
I think I'm going to start stalking Deborah Harry. Does anyone have her address?
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