February 27th, 2001

what would debbie do?

*scratch scratch*

My ears itch. I've been stabbing at them with q-tips for about 15 minutes now and it's not getting any better.

I'm going to go to the mall in a few and buy some yoga videos. I'm realy liking this fitness trip I'm on. *flex* *flex* Now let's see if I can keep it up all spring, summer, etc...

I'm going to walk to PetCo (where the pets go!) after the mall and check out the prices on kitty jungle gyms. We just decided the other day that we're going to go ahead and stay in this apartment for another year after our lease is up because it's easier to stay than to move. But poor kitty looks like she really needs some distractions in life more exciting that watching the birds out the window. So, we're going to get her her own little carpeted kitty dream house. Maybe she'll stop tearing all over like a tiny fur covered demon every morning. hmmm...
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what would debbie do?

I love the Mall

Lord help me, but I do. I know it's trendy and commercialized... but... but...
I got a yoga video, one of those ab roller things (a cheap one, not the 100 dollar one), and a haircut.
*pats hair*
I think I'm going to grow my hair out now, and when I cut it again in a few years I'll donate it to kids with cancer. Hmm... don't know if I can wait that long. I'm impatient about my hair.
I'm going to go make some tacos now.
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