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Sunday, February 18th, 2001
11:05a - I said god DAMN!
Oh hell yah, my brothers and sisters, your friend now has 2000 MP3S!!!!

This happened last night, but apparantly live journal was in a coma or something and I couldn't document it right away. It happened at about a quarter to one this morning.

"Online (puppysmuggler): Sharing 2000 files"

current mood: jubilant

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8:38p - I REALLY hate napster chatters.
[OllieDevin] r u a real puppy smuggler?
[puppysmuggler] yes
[puppysmuggler] I smuggle much needed deliveries of puppies over the pakistani border
[puppysmuggler] in exchange for supplies of fritos.
[puppysmuggler] It's quite a lucrative trade.
* OllieDevin (56K) [sharing 33 files] has left.

current mood: indifferent

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