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Friday, February 16th, 2001
1:20p - obey obey obey
Everyone welcome juanabee.

Know him. Love him. You want to.

current mood: okay

(scream real loud)

10:31p - what the hell, mr. livejournal?
Okay, why does livejournal keep logging me out everytime I go to a different page WITHIN livejournal? It's beginning to be annoying. Grr...
So anyhow, I'm staying up late tonight cramming as many mp3s as possible onto my C drive. I'm hoping to have 2,000 before Napster dies. If you have any ideas for things to download, let me know. I already have 1,844, but you never know what I could have missed.
Boy oh boy what a stupid day I had today. Wanna hear all about it? Of course not. Well, it was dull. I won't bore you with any more than that. Now I'm grumpy.
Double Grrrr...

current mood: cranky

(scream real loud)

10:37p - oh yeah...
Earlier today my cat smushed her face up against the corner of my keyboard and now all my internet fonts are very small. I'm having trouble reading things, it's that bad. If anyone knows how to fix this, please, oh please for the love of God, tell me.

current mood: aggravated

(scream real loud)

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