February 14th, 2001

what would debbie do?


Wow, I'm really tired.
I tried going to bed sometime around 10:30 and immediately felt ill. So now I'm typing. Wheee! You are all my bestest westest friends, you know that? I love you guys.
I've been a pathetic loser for the last half hour now. I keep thinking of things to add to my 'list of interests.' Yippee, because so many people CARE. I have also tried looking at other people's journals who have similar interests and they all sucketh (and I know this because I have the coolest journal ever). Every time I see a list of interests that vaguely resembles mine I get a twinge of excitement, here it is! A person who is like ME. But invariably they are some pathetic weirdo from who knows where with an eyelash fetish or something along those lines.
Speaking of fetishes, I suppose I should work on some more wafflerotica. Heh, I should also add 'waffles' to my list of interests, don't you think?
I got a valentine today from slicedgeek and it reminded me that I need to send out mine. E-mail me today if you don't get anything and I'll send you something, okay? Because I care. Really. I'm not just pathetically trying to gather street addresses from strangers, honest.
I am going to hunt that smelly guy from the bus down and stab him in the head for causing my neck to hurt. STAB.
Okay, time to give sleeping another try, what do you say?
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what would debbie do?

You'll never amount to anything if you keep sitting there like that!

I am a very lazy kitty today.
I woke up around 11 from a dream about satanic cats and immediately got online. Oh yes, the laziness set in quickly.
So right now I'm procrastinating about going to the post office. I have decided to do it later. Valentines can wait, right? I mean, it's already VDay, so what difference is a few hours, they'll be late no matter what. *sigh*
I could be cleaning I guess, but sitting here is much more fun. Hey, at least I've showered, which is more than I can say for some days. I'm hoping for complete vegetation by 8ish.
Laze on friends, laze on.
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