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Howdy. Update time.

Woke up bright and early, way TOO early in fact. Finally went back to sleep at 5 or 6 and got up again at 7ish. Went to get the truck at 10 and finally drove it home at 11. It was 24 feet instead of 17 feet, but at least it wasn't the ancient behemoth they first tried to stick us with. No WAY could I have driven that thing. Fortunately, I only had to drive the one I ended up with about 1/4 a mile.

Started loading up truck at 11am. At 1:30pm we had about 1/8 of our belongings in the truck and realized we needed help pronto. Clayton and Emily came over (bless them) and we finally finished loading at 4ish. Left the apartment with some things still in it and not cleaned at ALL, but we were on our way. Clayton got the truck ;)

Got to new house at 5ish and finished unloading at 6:30ish. Dropped truck off and went to dinner. FOOD! First food of the day for Matt and myself. Clayton ate 2lbs of crablegs and Emily and I each had soup.

Went home and passed out in a heap.

Woke up well before dawn and moaned and groaned about being sore and cold. Note to self: turn heat on. Scraped ice off Vincent and drove Matt to work, noting that Vincent doesn't seem to be doing too well. Get really nervous.

Stop off at apartment, use potty, charge phone, take phone thingie and go back home.

DSL guy comes, takes modem out of box and plugs it in: $250.

Swearing profusely when DSL doesn't actually work.

Spend rest of day trying to get ahold of a human.

DSL still doesn't work, but we now have the number to reach an actual human. Hooray! Hopefully that will be fixed by the time I get back home.

Wipe condensation off Vincent and drive Matt to work again. Still not running well. Still nervous.

Decide not to drive the 30 miles back home, but rather an additional 10 to apartment to make appointment with mechanic. Mechanic says he can fix Vincent tomorow, and he'll be done while I wait. Much rejoicing.

Call AAA and upgrade to Plus membership. Twenty four more bucks. Takes 7 days to take effect. Bastards

Call State Farm and tell them new address and add roadside assistance to policy. Price: $4 (I think) Effective: Immediately (I assume)


Get tired of cleaning and play solitaire for several hours or until eyeballs fall out, whichever comes first.
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