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"Really Clean Cereal" or "Does This Taste Funny to You?"

So, I've been walking to the grocery every day this week because the weather's been nice, and it's good excersize. Today is no different, as we ran out of cereal and could do with some more formula 409.

The walk was lovely, I found the goods in minumum time and walked out the door relatively happy. Crossing the street was less of a pain than normal, and I felt all buff and whatnot as I trudged up the hill without getting too worn out.

Then I got back to the apartment and discovered, as I set the bag on the counter, that the formula 409 had opened itself and my plastic bag was full of cleanser. The bag that also contained 2 bags of cereal. Oh joy.

Have you ever washed a bag of cereal? It's weird. I don't reccomend it.

Anyhow, I managed to pour most of the cleanser back into the bottle, but I think I must have lost 1/2 of it on the way back home. Lovely.
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