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taken from willedit!

What was the first album you ever bought?
Amy Grant - Heart in Motion

What is the first album you can remember listening to?
Handel - Watermusic

What was the last CD you bought?
I don't remember. Matt just bought "Beautiful Garbage" so I'll just say that.

What was the last CD you listened to?
Beautiful Garbage

How many albums do you currently own?
1 or 2 hundred, I suppose.

Which one of your albums do you wish you never would have wasted your money on?
Beautiful Garbage

Name an album you secretly love that would ruin your reputation as cool if people knew about it.
I own just about every Amy Grant album. Heh.

What album do you listen to most often?
hmm. Either Cibo Matto "Stereo Type A" or the Beatles "1"

How many concerts have you been to?

Name them:
Amy Grant
Weird Al
Page and Plant
Tom Petty
They Might Be Giants
Bob Dylan

Which of the above, if any, was your favorite?
They were all good, but I had the best time at Page and Plant

Which artist have you seen multiple times?
Tom Petty (2)

Name a fantastic album someone else introduced you to.
Peate introduced me to Cibo Matto "Viva La Woman" and I praise him daily for that.

Name the last album someone else bought for you.
Matt got me Cibo Matto's "Stereo Type A" last Christmas.

Name the last album you purchased for someone as a gift.
Ummm... I think I bought my dad something a long time ago. I don't normally give people CDs.

Name a fantastic artist you discovered entirely by accident, on your own.
The Moldy Peaches

Name an album that brings back painful memories of adolescence.
Berlin - Take My Breath Away

Name an album that was playing when you underwent a major rite of passage.
Beck - Mellow Gold... first time I ever went cruising in car

Name an album you'd play for someone you wanted to seduce.
Led Zeppelin - II
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