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no good deed goes unpunnished

I had a great time at Matt's grandma's house for thanksgiving yesterday. We went out with an assortment of aunts and uncles and had our dinner at the local diner rather than cooking. It was nifty-keen and the food was yummy. The aunts and uncles left that night and we stayed with gramma. She took us out to brekkie in the morning and then we watched a TV special about stinky animals. After that we hopped in Vincent the wonder-van and took off for home.

While we were driving, I noticed that the car ahead of us had a smoking tire. It looked really bad and smelled worse, so I sped up to try to catch them and make them pull over so I could tell them about it. It was a hilly area and Vincent was being pushed to the max trying to keep up with that $#!$#!$#@!$#ing SUV. Finally, we hit a really steep hill and just couldn't keep up any more, and lost sight of the car. Unfortunately for us, Vincent just couldn't take any more and stopped running. So, we pulled over and let him cool off for a while, then checked the oil. The oil was fine, and the engine wasn't frozen, but he just wouldn't fire up. He was tuckered out and his journey was done as far as he was concerned.

So, we called AAA and they came by only to inform us that I didn't have 500 or even 100 miles of towing with my membership, I had... (wait for it)... THREE miles of towing. Isn't that nice? Keep in mind that we still had another 80 or 90 miles to go before we got home. But what were we to do? We couldn't very well just sit on the turnpike and wait for a stray semi to get a little too close to the shoulder now could we?

So, we paid for the tow and are going to upgrade to AAA "Plus" on monday.

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