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technodyke needs YOUR help!! (yes, this means YOU)

The following was taken directly from fatfeistyfemme's LJ. Please spread the word!

Devoted fans of TechnoDyke

We need to raise $3,000 for TechnoDyke by December, or risk losing TechnoDyke forever.

Here's the story: over 35,000 individual users come to TechnoDyke every month and enjoy the features, columns, dating, chat and message boards. All for FREE. We're committed to keeping the site free and accessible because we know many of our users across the country and around the world rely on TechnoDyke as a lifeline to the lesbian, bi, and tran communities.

However, our stellar growth over the past year, has put us in a position where our server fees are about to increase from $100 a month to $350--and they could go higher! We need your help.

12 months of server fees is $4,200. TechnoDyke has $1,200 in the bank from previous contributions as well as T-shirt sales. Normally, that would have been just $200 short of a year of server fees, but now is about $3,000 short of what we need.

This is where you come in. You love TechnoDyke. You can't imagine a week without talking to the friends you've made here; without the bold and brassy TechnoDyke features; you can't imagine a month without your horoscope from Madame Lichtenstein; you're waiting with baited breath for Fran to have her baby; you're a devoted fan of FatGirl; you spend every evening on the message boards. Whatever turns you on about TechnoDyke, we need you to turn it into cash. Give whatever you can: $35, $100, or a whole month of server fees at $350.

Still not sold? We have exciting new things about to happen at TechnoDyke:

A whole new dating application that will include pictures, private email, and the hottest dykes on the web (all still for FREE)

FREE Homepages

Continued high quality feature articles, columns, book reviews and other stories that you have come to expect from TechnoDyke.

We want to survive and make all of that happen, but we can only do it with your help. We need $3,000 to ensure that TechnoDyke can live another year. Ultimately, it's your decision as a fan of TechnoDyke, a loyal reader, and a valued member of the TechnoDyke community if TechnoDyke survives.

Please give generously to TechnoDyke today.

Please make checks/money orders payable to Stacy Bias and send to:

TechnoDyke LLC
PO Box 13782
Portland, OR 97213-0782

Or to donate online, please visit:


Stacy Bias

P.S. Every contribution makes a difference. Every dollar takes us closer to our $3,000 goal. Thank you for showing that you believe in TechnoDyke
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