Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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IRC fun

LostOne well i have 1 broken.. a 386, a 286
puppysmuggler ancient! why do you have that? to play Oregon Trail?
LostOne play it?
LostOne i HAVE IT
LostOne took me years
LostOne @@!!
LostOne mwa ha ha!
puppysmuggler !!!!
puppysmuggler <--- jealous
LostOne i'll scrounge 'er up fo rya
LostOne later
puppysmuggler well, name one of your companions after me and hope I don't break my leg and die, k?
LostOne its on a cd
LostOne heh
LostOne i only name them after ppl i hate
LostOne because i suck
LostOne :P
puppysmuggler I used to name them things like "poopy pants"
puppysmuggler "Poopy Pants has gotten smallpox and died. Here lies Poopy Pants"
LostOne lol
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