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Matt met Mr. Mixx of 2 Live Crew today. I was tempted to touch him (Mr. Mixx that is) but I figured he probably would have thought that was strange. I wasn't brave like Matt, so I didn't say anything either. I'm such a wimp.
You see, Mr. Mixx was mixing for AfroMan when he opened for TMBG today. He did something to his turntables with his dick while he was mixing, but I couldn't see because everyone (duh) crowded up to the front in their eagerness to see celebrity privates. All in all, Afroman and company rocked the casbah.

Before the exciting dick spinning, the Moldy Peaches played a set and they ruled too. I really liked their song about rainbows, and "whos got the crack." The lead singer has REALLY BIG hair. They played in costume. Like, halloween costume. Apparantly this is normal. I dig.

Soooo... then TMBG came out and confetti sprayed everywhere and lights flashed and it was noisy and someone played a glockenspiel and all was rocking and I had a great time even though I was totally sober and we left early and made great time home and my ears are ringing like my head is stuffed with cotton and I don't think I'm ever going to end this sentence, okay maybe I will.

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