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oogely boogely boo

I am full. I ate too much cereal this morning because if I took just one bowl worth, there would only be half a bowl worth left. No one wants half a bowl of cereal, so I ate all of it. Uuuugggg....

Today I help Clayton and Em move into their new home. I can't believe we have friends who own their own home!! I am going to give the jack-o-lantern I made yesterday to them because they'll actually have a porch to put it on, and jack-o-lanterns love porches (just ask them!) I am also going to go to either the Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware to get them a nice housewarming gift before I go over to their old apartment to help them put things in their truck. Their dogs, Luke and Boca, get to ride in Vincent with me. I'll probably take the middle seat out so they have more room to lay down in, they are really big, especially Luke. At 2pm, I'll pick Matt up and he'll come help them unpack at the new house (they sign all their papers at 1pm, OH BOY!)

So, this should be a pretty good Halloween spent with friends and no kids at our door demanding candy (whatever happened to saying "trick or treat" anyhow? nowadays they just say "got candy?") It's going to be a beautiful day =)
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