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So this is Kansas

hello there! This is puppysmuggler reporting LIVE from the Kansas state side of Kansas City, DIRECT from the EPA building. I've got my nifty little visitor pass, and I'm updating livejournal from a gov't computer. This is cool.
Melissa is in a "quality assurance" meeting right now, so I will let you know what flying is like with the new security measures in place. My report is: it's just like before, more or less. As long as you've got a photo ID and you aren't packing heat (including but not limited to, nail clippers and pointy files, apparantly) you're fine. There were also some "random searches" performed on various passengers that seemed easy enough. They looked through their carry-ons and did the neat little full body wand metal detector thingie, then patted them down.
Truthfully, I encountered no problems at all until I arrived in KC. On my first flight, I got the window seat, and managed to sleep for about 15 minutes of the hour flight, then on the next flight, the guy sitting next to me moved so I had the row to myself. WOO!
However, I did encounter a slight problem when I finally reached my destination. The problem being: KC airport sucks big fat monkey butt. It is composed of 3 terminals, NOT CONNECTED TO ONE ANOTHER, and no universal flight screens. The only arriving/departing screens they have are for whatever airline gates you happen to be standing next to. So, Melissa, sweet Melissa, arrived right on time to get me and couldn't find me. She wandered around for an hour or so before breaking down and crying and then going home, where I called her wondering where she was. We finally were able to find one another, but all plans of having lunch together had to be aborted due to the amount of time it took trying to figure the stupid airport out.
So, here I sit, hoping no one will ask me what exactly I think I'm doing using Melissa's computer, hoping she gets out of her meeting soon.

In happier news, we are going to a real haunted house tonight. Apparantly it's so scary she couldn't get any of her other co-workers to go with her. We'll see =D
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