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well good morning

Matt is playing Fallout Tactics, and he keeps swearing at the computer, at the game, etc...
And I thought video games were supposed to make you happy? hmm.

Last night I dreampt that Emily was 5 months pregnant with twins, but wasn't showing at all. I asked her how she remained so skinny when she was so far along (with twins!) and she said "oh these won't be my first children. I used to be married and we had kids, but after we divorced, I paid my husband to take them all. I don't see them any more." I was totally horrified at all of these revelations, but was trying to pretend to be happy for Em's sake, and she kept asking me for toast. I told her I was making pancakes and she yelled "I don't want any of that health-food crap!"

I'm going to ask Em about it today when we go see Iron Monkey. I wonder what SHE dreamed about last night? ;)
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