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I'm tired and my tummy hurts. I think today will be a cleaning/quilting day.

I'm almost done quilting the 9 blocks, and just have to do the 2 borders now. Border 1 is only an inch thick, so I'm just going to quilt a line in the middle, border 2 is wider (about 6 inches, I think), so I'm making some knot looking thingies in the corners and just lines along the sides. I'd draw a picture, but I'm too tired. Here's a picture: click

Hopefully, I will have it all quilted by the time I go back to Squashington so mum can help me put the binding on. I worked in a quilt shop for over a year, and I have no idea how to put binding on. How sad!

Here's some pictures for those of you I haven't forced them on already:

pic1 - taken several months ago when I'd only quilted the very middle block. All the other blocks are quilted now (except for the 9th, which is 2/3 done)
pic2 - The famous kitty & quilt pic. The quilt is the same colour as Andromeda.
pic3 - a closeup of my quilting. woo!
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