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this would be funny if it happened to someone else...

Vincent, the wonder-van needed new tires. Winter's coming up soon and I'd like to keep the Tom Cruise in Risky Business impressions to a minimum, thankyouverymuch. So it's off to Sears (where else?�) for a set of brand new treads, oh boy!

The guy at the front counter was very nice, offered us several options, and took our order without trying to push expensive stuff on us. Hooray! One to two hours he says. No big deal, we're in a mall, we'll find stuff to occupy our time. I have a package to mail to nerofotia and birthday presents to buy for various friends. But first, LUNCH!

We got our favourite waiter at Ruby's, Michael. Michael rules. Lunch is good, we leave a largish tip and go check out the kitties at the pet store. When we were done admiring the cute little kitties, we go downstairs and head towards Office Network to send a some stuff post-haste to Japan for Mister Nero when suddenly my backpack started ringing. Well, rather, the phone in the backpack. I found a place out of the crowd and answered. It was "Matt" from Sears asking if we were in the area still and could we please come back he has something to tell us? Umm... okay. We'll mail the package and get birthday presents after we pick the van up, right?



That's right folks. Sears broke the goddamned driver's side window while changing the TIRES. Then "Matt" (whom I will now refer to as Bob, as in "Bob had bitch tits") had a hissy fit when we asked if we should just send the bill for the repairs to him or if they'd repair it themselves. He insisted it was our fault since the window had a tendency to jam. Well, yes Bob, it did jam, but it never SHATTERED before.

Eventually we spoke to a manager who practically wet himself trying to be nice to us, I think trying to make up for Bob's lack of manners. Sears will pay for the glass, but not for any repairs to the door. Well yeah, I figured.

So, Matt (the real Matt, not bitch-tits Bob) and I went home without sending packages or buying birthday presents because we sure as hell weren't going to leave Vince out in the mall parking lot with no freakin' driver's side window. We got home and had to tape Saran Wrap on my dear Vincent, how horrid :(

The auto glass place is going to call me tomorrow with a price.

I think I'll get my tires from Costco from now on.
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