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Ouch! Mah Hed!

My head hurts. I'm having visions of my brain gnawing through my forehead with quicksilver teeth then bursting out and running across the floor and into a drain somewhere. Ouch.

In other news, I just made an appointment for Andromeda to be boarded at the vet over Christmas vacation. She'll also get her teeth cleaned while she's there. What a lucky kitty! Emily and Clayton take their dogs there when they need to be boarded, and say that their dogs think it's the greatest place ever! So, some of my guilt is alleviated. I just hope its as fun for cats as it is for dogs. Better than leaving her home by herself, I suppose. *sigh*

In other other news, my brother is either in Egypt right now or on his way. I remember when this kid was in diapers, and now he's off driving a tank in the shadow of the great pyramids. Geez.
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