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lumberjacks! they be everywhere...

aimeeg: my friend be from Idaho, actually, although I met her when I be at skool in Fargo
thediscountgeek: now she's a lumberjack
puppysmuggler: I be laughing
thediscountgeek: I didn't know people still be lumberjacks
puppysmuggler: neither did I, truthfully
puppysmuggler: especially girls
thediscountgeek: I know
thediscountgeek: and she's not like SUPERDUPERDYKE girl
puppysmuggler: "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all dayyy"
thediscountgeek: she's actually straight
puppysmuggler: a straight lumberjack female?
puppysmuggler: curiouser and curiouser
thediscountgeek: yeah... that's what I'm saying
thediscountgeek: a straight BUDDHIST lumberjack from Idaho.
puppysmuggler: !!!
puppysmuggler: what the heck?
thediscountgeek: she was a philosophy major in college
puppysmuggler: are you making this up?
thediscountgeek: I am NOT making this up
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