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taken from lilylith because I am never going to sleep again, apparantly.

When you were a kid...
1. What did you wish your name was? Shararah
2. Did you have an imaginary friend? no
3. If yes, what was his/her name? n/a
4. Did you want to get married? yes
5. How many kids did you want to have? none
6. What did you want their names to be? skeletor and pubessa
7. What kind of a perfect life did you want to live? I wanted to be a rock star, or an archaeologist
8. What kind of house did you want to live in? a big mansion with zillions of rooms filled with mysterious stuff like in "Secret Garden"
9. Did you play with dolls or army toys? my little ponies
10. What was your most favorite toys? my little ponies
11. Who was your childhood hero? my dadoo
12. What was your favorite article of clothing? hmmm... probably this one teal sweatshirt I had that had pink and blue dancers on the side (hey, it was the 80's.)
13. Who did you want to be like when you grew up? the lady who did all the research on Herculanium. I can't remember her name any more.
14. Who were some of your best friends? vanessa and krista
15. How old were you when you learned to ride a bike? 5
16. How did you feel? terrified
17. What was your favorite food? fondue
18. Who was your favorite baby-sitter? Caleb
19. What did you think it would be like to drive a car? scary
20. Did you ever own anything that had to do with my little ponies, Rainbow Brite or G.I joe? only my little ponies
21. Did you play with Barbie and Ken dolls? sort of, but I only had 3 or 4. I didn't like Barbie much.
22. Did you play with baby dolls? yes
23. Did you ever have one of those play kitchens? yeah
24. Did you ever own a Cozy Coupe?? a what?
25. Do you remember shows like, Ducktales, Tale Spin, Gummi Bears or Lunch Box? yep, all of the abouve
26. Did you ever own a power wheels car? hell no, we were po'!
27. Did you ever watch the show "Puff the Magic Dragon? no
28. Who was your favorite pet? snowball, my cat
29. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? I don't think so
30. If yes, who did you think the santas and easter bunnies at the mall were? n/a
31. How did you feel when you learned how to tie your shoe finally? proud
32. Did you ever have one of those slap-on wristbands? I still do!
33. Did you ever wear stick-on earrings? alas, no
34. Write down one specific memory that you have never forgotten of your childhood?
oh golly... I have so many... eating plants with Erika, the grass seed incident, making up ghost stories then believing them, talking about sex and giggling until 4am, staying up all night, playing Mousetrap, my first Christmas, the cold floor at grandma and grandpas, getting my ears pierced... I could go on and on...
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