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So, at 6 o'clock I'm going to pick up Em from her house and we're going to the mall. I have to get a present for Stephanie (from the q-tip story) because her birthday is like... umm... October 14 or something. I can never remember. I just know it's NOT the 12th, and she gets mad if you think it is because everyone thinks it is and it's just not and why can't anyone ever remember her birthday goddammit and she remembers YOUR birthday every year and even buys you a present and why can't you just get off your butt and get a job! Anyhow, present, Stephanie, taking Emily to mall.

After I get a present for Steph, I'm going to cut all my hair off and donate it to Locks of Love which is a charity that makes wigs for kids with no hair due to serious illness. I wish that they gave hair to adults, too, but I can understand. Being a kid with no hair would not be fun at all :(
Besides, my hair is getting in my way. I know I keep talking about cutting it, and keep not cutting it, but this is for real. I NEVER wear my hair down, I always pull it back in a pony tail anyhow, so there's really no point in having long hair if it's always pulled back. I think I'm starting to lose hair along my hairline, too, from having it tied back. Egads!

Sooo... that's my plan. In the meantime, I was going to go to the grocery and return videos at the video store, but my tummy decided to freak out, so I didn't go. I hope tummy returns to normal before 6. It better.

Well, later!
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