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Taken from a bunch of people, but most recently bear26

Number of people on my lj friends list: 74
...whom I've met in person: 13mmwrench, andromedathecat, diskozombie, juanabee, randymandy, safire, and thereject
...whose house I've been to: 13mmwrench, diskozombie, juanabee, randymandy, and thereject
...who have been to my house: 13mmwrench, andromedathecat, diskozombie, juanabee (I think?), randymandy, safire, and thereject
...whose precise geographic location I know: 13mmwrench, aimeeg, alphietuesday, andromedathecat, auryanne, azraelle, belgand, blosmtx, cyniccat, diskozombie, dstroy, ericfish, freemind, ironman1231, jloopy, juanabee, lilylith, linzbinz, live_and_learn, nerofotia, overopinionated, randymandy, renwick, safire, sambot, scottfreeman, tattoedkoi, technodyke, thereject, tosei, and of course mtffm. The rest of you, I know approximately where you live (well, most of you) but couldn't name the town off the top of my head.
...whose full names I know offhand: 13mmwrench, alphietuesday, andromedathecat, danigolden, diskozombie, juanabee, nerofotia, randymandy, safire (I can even pronounce hers!), scottfreeman, slicedgeek, thereject and tosei
...whom I've followed/been in touch with for more than 3 years: 13mmwrench (4 years), diskozombie (5 years), juanabee (7 years), randymandy (9 years), the2belo (3 years or so), thereject (6 years) and tosei (4 years).
...who live outside my country: bear26, blair, cringer, doctorbob, nerofotia, safire (for now), scottfreeman, swinehund, the2belo, tifkat, vorpal, AND MTFFM!
...whose journal I consider myself "addicted" to: golly, everyone.
...who make me laugh the hardest: ummm... everyone has made me laugh at one point or another.
...who I definitely want to meet: Jeez, I feel like I'm in 5th grade and picking someone to be class president...
...who I'd do: harumph.
...who I've done: thereject
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