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Oh Happy Day!

Today is the day that Matt comes home! The near-week went by faster than I thought it would.
Oh happy, happy day!
While he was gone I re-arranged the bedroom to my liking. I hope he likes it as well, because I don't think I can ever move our bed again without the help of at least one other person. I'm still not certain exactly how I did it. I guess I'm stronger than I thought.
Andromeda-cat likes the new arrangement, as she can sit on a pillow and look out the window now. She loves to look out the window, dear thing that she is. I think miss kitty has been fundamental in my happiness this past week... she's never been more than a few feet away from me while I've been home. Of course, it's only because I just happen to always be where she wants to be. We can't forget who's in charge, right?
Well, I think I'm going to continue cleaning up and preparing for el-Mattypants' arrival tonight.
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