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Nerds and Ants

Matt and I played Heroes of Might and Magic until 4am last night. We started playing at 6pm. That's 10 hours solid. And we wonder why we don't have any friends...

In more nauseating news, I found ants in my cereal this morning. Thank GOD I saw one crawling before I took any bites, because all the other ants in it were dead from getting milk poured on them and they blended perfectly with the cereal. Little tiny brown ants are almost invisible in wheat flake and almond cereal. Needless to say, I was a leeeeeeetle grossed out and pissed, especially when I looked in the cupboard and saw there were ants crawling all over. How the hell do you get an ant infestation in a 7th floor apartment?? Where do the little fuckers live??

So anyhow, Matt and I proceeded to go on a cleaning and disinfecting rampage, and now we're going to go to the store and buy tupperware for some of our dry goods (the stuff that you don't use all in one sitting anyhow). It's a good idea even without bugs invading because it keeps food from going stale so fast, but still...

Goddamn ants.
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