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Just got back to the supermarket, and boy is it hot outside. I guess Pennsylvania decided that the last day of summer was going to be just that: a day of summer. It's rather odd since last week was most decidedly fall-like.


I just finished reading up my daily Lileks, and this passage really struck me:

I�m tired tonight. I�m tired of people who can watch 5,000 people from 62 nations burned alive and crushed to death, and think: well, you know you had this coming. I�m tired of people who presume I am ignorant of history because I hang a flag. No: .Not tired. Annoyed. Annoyed like I was while walking Jasper Dog tonight, and passed the great high school football field at the end of the block. It was lit like noon, with huge banks of lights lluminating the field, blaring through the thick autumn fog. Grunts and shouts and whistles blowing. As natural and ordinary a September sight as you�ll see, and all I could think of were the lights hoisted over the site of the World Trade Center, casting flat dead light over men who pulled the arms and legs of people from the rubble.

It angered me that this ordinary sight had been soiled - then I thought: That�s where we are now. Think of it. Think of it when you turn the corner and the lights fade. Never forget.


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