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I think I just paid 5 dollars for a bad case of indegestion.
Do not buy salad and jo-jos at the supermarket after 10:00 pm. They will be gross. I promise.

Well, day 2 of no Mattypoo went well, I think. I didn't stay inside and weep mournfully or anything, so that's good. I did call long distance more than I should have, but... oh well.
I started re-reading "The Fellowship of the Ring," part one of the Lord of the Rings. I excersized. I wrote on my calendar the day "Pearl Harbour" comes to theatres near me. I contemplated re-arranging the bedroom but never got the inspiration. I'll save that for tomorow.
Kitty mocked me today by rolling around and stretching during my excersizes. It was as if she were saying "Oh look at my furry tummy! It is saggy and no one cares. In fact, you probably think it's cute. Ha! Don't you wish you were a kitty, Ms. Lardo?" Roll, roll, puurrrrrr...
She's finally playing on her kitty gym. She uses it to look out the window. She's even scratched it! I tried to pretend I didn't care that she was scratching it, because if she finds out that it's okay to scratch, she'll never do it again. So I glared at her a little, but not too much.
Hmm, well I think I'm going to take a bath and read for a bit now.
Life in the carpool lane, baby...
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