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A few days ago, Erika sent me a "grease gram" which was a postcard with a packet of vegemite attatched. It somehow made it to the states intact (much to our amazement) and I got my first taste of this Australian sensation. I spread it on toast according to scottfreeman's instructions and here is my opinion:

safire: so youwant some more vegemite?
puppysmuggler: NO!
puppysmuggler: >_<
jurnee78: hahaha!
puppysmuggler: I decided it was like ancient olives dipped in very salty alcoholic chocolate.
puppysmuggler: and mashed around and left for a week
jurnee78: haha
jurnee78: they should call it "vagamite"
jurnee78: ewww
puppysmuggler: eeeew!
puppysmuggler: no, they should call it butt gravy.
puppysmuggler: that's what it is.
jurnee78: yuck
jurnee78: i agree
puppysmuggler: but I'm glad you sent it, that was a real hoot!
jurnee78: i can see the headlines "War breaks out in America. Supportive Australians send thousands of pounds of vegemite to support the people. Americans respond and drop vegemite on Afghanistan"
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