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So last night, I take a bath. When I am done taking the bath, I drain the tub. Tub drains 1/4 of water, then stops suddenly.
I remember Matt telling me that he had to plunge the tub that morning, so I assume it's clogged again. Not wanting to call maintenance, I whip out the handy-dandy plunger-o-doom and battle for about 10 minutes with the drain. Alas, it is to no avail.
I leave the bathroom, hoping maybe the water will just drain slowly.
About an hour later, there sits the water, mocking me.
Grudgingly, I call maintenance and tell them the tubs clogged, water not going down at all. The nice lady on the phone says she'll send someone out in the morning.

*this morning*

I wake up early in case maintenance decides they want to show up at 8. 2 hours pass, no guy with drain snake. So, I call maintenance again and tell them I'd really really like to take a shower now, will they please come fix the damn drain?
Oh yes, yes! We will send someone now!

*1 hour later*

Guy with plunger shows up at the door. I tell him I've already tried plunging it. He goes into the bathroom and:


*insert picture of me feeling like an utter fool here*
I apologise profusely for wasting his precious 'could have been fixing an old lady's heater' time, and he leaves.
I still don't know how the damn thing got flipped, since I wasn't anywhere near the tub when it stopped. But oh boy, do I feel like a moron.
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