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Tasty Tidbits from e-mail:

puppysmuggler: I tried to find Marmite at the health food store, but they didn't have any.
scottfreeman: It's called vegemite there.
puppysmuggler: Well there was none of that either, and as far as i've heard, it's not the same thing. Erika tried vegemite and said it tastes like ass.
scott: I heard it was the same thing. Marmite does taste like ass. Yay! It kind of looks like ass too.
puppysmuggler: I heard Marmite was spicier. Vegemite is just spread stuff with no zest. Why would you eat something that tasted like ass?
scott: Hmm. Maybe you're right. Sorry!
puppysmuggler: Why are you sorry? Because I can't find ass flavoured spread?
scott: It's not really flavoured like ass.
puppysmuggler: are you sure? Have you ever tasted ass before?
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