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One of these things about me is NOT true. Which is it?

1) I have never seen the Flintstones (cartoons or movies).
2) I was a whopping 19 years old when I married Matt.
3) I used to have blue hair.
4) One of my vertebrae is broken.
5) Scary movies really do scare me. A lot.
6) My first car was called "the Love Mobile"
7) I've never seen "Pretty In Pink"
8) I can swear in Polish.
9) I can't swear in Spanish.
10) I mix Grape Nuts in with my Cherios.
11) I used to watch "THEM!" every day after school.
12) "Square One" and "Reading Rainbow" were my TV shows of choice in middle school.
13) I once made a teacher so mad that he left the classroom in a huff.
14) I've never been in a fight.
15) My favourite brand of socks are "Gold Toe."

Quick Note/Update:
I'll let you all know who's right and who's wrong tomorow.
Good luck guessing! =D
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