Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

Just a note:

I really, really hate it when people refer to themselves as "freaks" or "psychos" or describe themselves as being "crazy." To me, this demeans people who actually do have mental illness.

Just because you are awake at 2 am, have a tattoo, like to dress up in medieval garb, blah blah blah *insert any other "wacky" behavior here* does NOT make you a freak.

And no, this is not directed at any of my LJ friends. I'm just getting frustrated by some of the websites I've been running across lately. "hI mY nAmE iS aShLeY aN i Go 2 HuBeRt HuMpHrY hIgH SKOOL! mE aN' mY FrIeNdS lYkE MARILYN MANSON, we aRe FREEKZ!"


This post is about teens (or anyone else for that matter) who think they are the first people to ever "rebel against the norm." If you think shopping at Hot Topic makes you a freak, then this post is about you. If not, carry on and do not fret.

Another note: Hot Topic is not bad. I shop there. I have a friend who works there. This does not make us freaks. Hot Topic is in a freakin' MALL, okay?

/end side note.
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