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This is a public service announcement! is a really super website run by my good friend fatfeistyfemme aka "Stacy." It's a wonderful place for support and info about lesbian issues, be they political or personal.
However, websites don't run themselves! Stacy has run and funded TD almost completely by herself. This is very hard work, and very taxing on her personal resources. Someday, she hopes to be able to sponsor events and actually pay her writers! So, if you have even a little bit extra cash, it would be really swell if you would donate! You don't even have to be a lesbian! Heck, you don't have to even be female! You just have to want to support a good cause. If you want to donate, but you want to get something in return, and help advertise at the same time, you can always buy a stylish TD t-shirt! They come in everything from loud to girly to pure pride. Something for everyone =)
If spending money is completely outside your means (and trust me, I know how it is) you can always just spread the word. The more people supporting TechnoDyke the better.

Thank you!
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