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cuz the man from mars stopped eating cars and eating bars and now he only eats guitars

puppysmuggler: I want to be Debbie Harry. I don't care if she's old.
zeph: Hehe. You should be, then.
KinDesmond: Nothing should stand in the way of you and your dream.
puppysmuggler: you're right!
puppysmuggler: I deserve it!
KinDesmond: Heh, yes ya do. Fight for your right to be old!
puppysmuggler: no, not to be old, but to be Debbie Harry!
puppysmuggler: and if I can't be her, I'd at least like to make out with her or something.
puppysmuggler: perhaps I should speak to a lawyer about my dream.
KinDesmond: Heh.
KinDesmond: Yes. I'm sure the law will side with you and make Debbie Harry make out with you.
KinDesmond: How can they not?
puppysmuggler: I don't know
puppysmuggler: if they didn't, they'd be heartless bastards, that's for sure.
KinDesmond: Amen.
KinDesmond: Wait, I think they are heartless bastards anyway.
puppysmuggler: They are. Indeed.
puppysmuggler: I am putting this in my LJ.
puppysmuggler: it's too funny.
KinDesmond: ::Snicker::
KinDesmond: Good. Spread the word. We'll start a petition.
puppysmuggler: yes!
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