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The Great American Hair Poll

Good morning world! It's poll-time again.

I'm contemplating getting a hair cut. I've had my hair long and straight for about 4 years now, and I'm getting bored. I've pretty much done everything interesting there can be done with colour (including once when I accidentally made myself a calico for a week. Oops!) and I'm wondering if it's time for a cut.
On the flip side, I envy people with long, long hair because I think it looks nifty and they can do lots of nifty things with it. Of course, the extent of my hair styling ablities ends with pony tails. I can't even really put my hair in a bun properly.
So, I've decided to ask all you for some hair advice, danigolden-style! =D
I'm linking to some pictures of Christina Ricci because she has neat hair, and her head is similarly shaped to mine. No, I don't look like her, but we both have that big-forehead, little chin thing going on. That and I like to look at pictures of Christina Ricci. w00t!

Okay, let the poll begin! =D

This is what I look like now

What should I do with my hair?!

Leave it! If you touch it I shall smite you!
Dye it a different natural colour
Dye it an UN-natural colour
What you need is BANGS!
Something else entirely. I'll tell you in the comments section.
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