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I'm trying to remember everywhere I've lived... I feel like writing it down.

Portland, Oregon - May 1979 (born there, didn't live there)
Monmouth, Oregon - May 1979 to... unknown
Beaver, Oregon - 1980/81(?) to.... 1982(?)
Tilamook, Oregon - 1982(?) to 1983(?)
Monmouth, Oregon - 1983(?) to 1984
Sequim, Washington - 1984 to 1997
Mt. Vernon, Iowa - 1997 to 1998
Sequim, Washington - 1998 to 1999
SanDiego, California - 1999 to 2000
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania - 2000 to now

Starting in November: Austin, Texas!

I'd like to live in Japan for a while, preferably in Okinawa. I'm not sure when I want to do this, but maybe when I'm studying japanese I can spend a quarter or a semester as an exchange student.
I also think I'd like to try living in the UK for a spell, or perhaps Australia. I just love visiting new places, and there's no better way to experience a place then to actually live there and immerse yourself in it (IMHO, of course.)

And now, to bed.
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