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Everyone else is doing it

Name: Rachel
Nickname: Bug, kitty, Xyrhone (more of an alter ego than a nickname)
Where from? In order: Portland, OR; Monmouth, OR; Sequim, WA; Mt. Vernon, IA; Sequim, WA; SanDiego, CA; King of Prussia, PA (suburb of Philly)
Where going? Okinawa, hopefully. Will settle for anywhere in Japan, or even Singapore if desperate. Guam would be fun, too. Also don't want to rule out London.

Sport: Badmitton (I kick ass at badmitton), Pickle Ball, Field Hockey, Swimming
Actor: Bruce Willis
Actress: Christina Ricci
Singer: Oh don't do this to me... I have WAY too many to list with any kind of accuracy. Off the top of my head I'll say: Cibo Matto, Kahimi Karie, Led Zeppelin, Blondie, Peroxide Mocha, Ami Suzuki, Takako Minekawa, Le Hammond Inferno etc etc
Book: Anita Blake series, Lord of the Rings, Incarnations of Immortality, the Phantom Tollbooth, A Wrinkle in Time, In a Sunburned Country...

Rider or Temple: beg pardon?
Vodka or Bud: Vodka. I hate beer with a loathing usually reserved for big hairy spiders.
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi!
George Clooney or Mel Gibson: George Clooney
Rock or country: Rock
Powerpuff girls or Josie & the Pussycats: I. Don't. Watch. TV.
Windows 2000 or Mac OS: Windows 2000
Guys with accents or no accent: Is anyone actually going to pick "no accents"? I mean really. This is a question that doesn't even need to be asked. *grin*
Harley or Japanese motorcycle: How about Japanese people on Harleys?
Saturn or PT Cruiser: PT Cruiser
Ferarri or Porsche: Karman Ghia
Guys on Harleys or Guys on 10 speeds: Guys on Harleys. Preferably chain smokers wearing tight leather pants and sporting the windblown look.
Philly or NYC: PHILLY. Duh.
LA or London: This is almost as silly as the accent question. Is anyone really going to pick LA over London? Anyone who does has some issues, or a poor grip on reality.
Ireland or France: Ireland.
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