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Wow, what a super day I had! =D
Vincent isn't fixed yet (this isn't part of the good day, just a fact) so Emily drove me around rather than visa-versa. She doesn't much like driving, so I thought it was really cool of her to offer. She did great though!
First we stopped by the mechanic to see if Vince was by some wonderful twist of fate done early (he wasn't) then we attempted to get turned around the right direction to go get something to eat (we managed.) For dinner we went to "Taste of India" and got mediocre service and super food. I forgot to bring my extra home though *sad* It was very yummy and spicy. Emily and I talked about everything from why I'm a childfree libertarian to how a friend of hers met Paul Newman in an ice-cream shop and got so flustered she put her icecream in her purse.
After dinner we decided it was too late for a movie, so we went shopping instead. Shopping is always fun! I got 2 little lavendar shirts for a grand total of 15 bucks (clearance rack, woo!) and Emily got a pair of cute white shoes for 25 dollars, also on clearance. We felt happy and girlish and wanted to do some more shopping, but unfortunately the mall was closing. Darn them.
Next was the supermarket which wasn't nearly as fun, but I did pick up the last 6 pack of yoo-hoo they had, along with a box of popcorn and a gallon of milk. Popcorn, yoo-hoo and milk, what more could you want? Well besides sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, I mean. Tee-hee.
So, now I'm doing laundry and waiting for mister Matt to come home. Come home Matt, come home!
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