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Drew left Sequim today to move to Austin. I am currently seething with jealousy and wishing I could be on his roadtrip with him... poor guy driving all that way by himself!
Matt and I finally decided more or less on a move date: November. I have found the apartment I want to rent until we can buy a house. The apartment is probably bigger than the house we used to have in SanDiego. Heck, I KNOW it is.
I wrote to Atlas Van Lines asking them for an estimate on moving, if it's within reasonable realms, I'd really love to have them do it rather than go through the huge pain of doing it ourselves. I'm still not recovered from moving across the country last year, YUCK. So hopefully they'll come get our stuff and we'll just load the extremely breakable/sentimental stuff in Vincent and drive on down and move with ease.

Umm... I was going to say something else. What was it?

Oh yeah, I sent a form e-mail to the apartment folks to inquire about getting a place in their lovely complex. I hope I hear back soon... I don't want to rush like we did last time. Geez that was horrid!!
Anyhow, I better go before my boca-burger fries to a crisp.
Here's an aerial photo of the apartment complex:
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