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Good Old JanBob

Janbob23: get STEREO TOTAL REMIX from my Hotlist
puppysmuggler: um
puppysmuggler: why?
Janbob23: hot hot hot
puppysmuggler: do you speak english?
Janbob23: yes
puppysmuggler: so, why should I get this remix?
Janbob23: get it or not
Janbob23: but its hot
Janbob23: its the JANBOB-Remix
puppysmuggler: hot. any other adjectives?
Janbob23: cool
Janbob23: dann nicht
puppysmuggler: I'm not German.
Janbob23: yes but i thought you like Stereo Total
puppysmuggler: yes, I do, but that doesn't mean I'm German.
puppysmuggler: I'm assuming you are, Jan.
Janbob23: ja is ja gut
puppysmuggler: okay, I'll get your remix.
puppysmuggler: um, Janbob, you have no files shared. I can't get your remix.
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